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Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.


Question 1: What is PPPPM?
PPPPM refers to “Pusat Pengajian Perniagaan dan Pengurusan Maritim” (English: School of Maritime Business and Management) at UMT. Prior to the restructuring at UMT, the school was known as the Faculty of Management and Economics.

Question 2: What are the programmes offered by PPPPM?
The school offers academic programmes (both undergraduate and postgraduate) in mainstream business fields, such as accounting, management, marketing and finance. In line with the niche area of UMT, the school also offers maritime management and tourism courses. Prospective undergraduate students can refer to the (STUDY > Undergraduate) link above for more details of each course. For future research (PhD and MSc) students, contact your potential supervisors according to their research expertise.

Question 3: Where is PPPPM located?
The main PPPPM building is located across the Kompleks Kuliah (Lecture Hall) soccer field at UMT. To get there, students or visitors should turn left (after entering the main UMT entrance) until reaching a T junction. Take the left exit and turn right when reaching the students’ car park. For those using GPS or Google Map, the GPS coordinate for PPPPM Main Building is 5°24’39.3″N 103°05’13.1″E (or 5.410911, 103.086981).

Question 4: What are the facilities available?
The school (and UMT as a whole) has computer labs, lecture halls, and library for teaching, learning and research. UMT also has its own sports complex with a soccer stadium and swimming pool, among others.