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Future students can find information about our Bachelor of Management (Maritime) programme as outlined on this page. To survey other programmes, click on the links below.

Transportation of cargo by sea is expected to reach about 85% in the near future. Accordingly, strategic cargo transport and other transportation systems are important to the national interest. These are covered in our Bachelor of Management (Maritime) programme. See also information about our programme’s accreditations.


The main focus of this program is on the activities that take place in the maritime transport and logistics sector, with emphasis on the management of shipping, ports and marine management. This program equips graduates with liberal knowledge such as interpersonal communication, multimedia technology, creative thinking, knowledge of general management and management related to maritime and port. This program is a first program of its kind which was offered to public and is specifically designed based on the needs of human resources in the maritime sector.


Competencies in the fields of management, maritime operations, maritime law and transportation, the graduates will become executive / manager of maritime transport and logistics competence in the transport sector of the country. Not only that they can also be in the public sector, such as the Marine Department, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Academy and the Maritime Institute of Malaysia.


University’s General Admission Requirements

i. Passed SPM/equivalent.

ii. Passed Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia with a credit at SPM level/ equivalent.

iii. Sat for Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

iv. Passed STPM examination with at least a grade of C (GPA 2.00) in GeneralStudies/General Paper, and a grade of C (GPA 2.00) in two (2) other subjects.

or Possess a diploma or other qualifications accredited by the Malaysian Government and approved by the University Senate.

or Passed the Ministry of Education’s Matriculation/Universiti Malaya’s Pre-University Science Programme with a CGPA of at least 2.00.

Programme’s Specific Requirements

i) Minimum qualifications for STPM/Matriculation/Pre-University candidates:

a) Acquired a grade of B- (GPA 2.67) in one of the following subjects at STPM/ Matriculation/Pre-University level: Economics, Accounting, or Business

b) A credit in Mathematics at SPM level or a grade of C (GPA 2.00) in Mathematics at STPM/Matriculation/Pre-University level.

c) Passed English at SPM level.

ii) Equivalent Qualifications:

Diploma in related discipline from accredited institution.